Could this be the means to raise finances for a new album? Maybe and I hope so, as I have thousands of wonderful fans from all over the world wondering when my new album will be released. Well here's the low down - as an unsigned artist I would have to come up with £9,500 / $12,388 out of my own pocket as I did with my first album "I Believe". Quite honestly, I am not currently in the position financially to do this alone so I am reaching out to my fan base (you) to be a part of this new project. In return, you will get the new CD of "Songs for the Heart" with a £25/£33 donation - so you can look at this as pre-sale of my second album. And hey if I get a good response back from this "GoFundMe" idea then maybe you and I will encourage other unsigned artists to do the same with their fan base.

'm looking forward to your involvement and will keep you updated as to the progress of this project. I also would love to hear from you and any suggestions you may have. I am sending this to you in the spirit of our mutual love of music so please forgive me if this approach to funding my next CD is 'frowned upon' in your estimation. To the rest of you who participate and get on board with me I can only say you are much appreciated and to me a 'super fan' forever.


Keep the love flowing,


P.S. Here's the link to my first album, enjoy!